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Running Windows Applications Using Folder Redirection. 2022.

Chase Refuses to Fix a Programming Error that Breaks QIF-Formatted Activity Downloads. 2017.

Issues with the 4Kscore for Prostate Cancer. 2019.

Memory Optimization Using Block Structures. ACM SIGPLAN Notices. November 1975.

Interactive Computing. ACM SIGPLAN Notices. October 1977.

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Computer Generated Art. SUNY at Albany. 1973.

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Letters on Section 1706 of the Tax Reform Act of 1986

C++ and Java

The Wildcat was a Strong Opponent to the Zero. 2007.

The Triumph of Fighting Three at Midway. 2011.

Comment about a WWII Dogfight. 2015.

Letter 1 About Coal-to-Liquid Fuel Conversion. 2008.

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Letter 3 About Coal-to-Liquid Fuel Conversion. 2009.

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