Marketplace Value of UNIX

71.  UNIX’s value in the enterprise marketplace is largely a function of its reliability, extensibility, and robust performance capability.  That is to say, it virtually never needs repair, it performs well under a wide variety of adverse circumstances, and it can be extended throughout an enterprise and across multiple processors to perform unified or disparate tasks in a seamless computing environment.  Because of these features, UNIX-based equipment has replaced mainframe computers for all but the most demanding computing tasks.  And, because UNIX-based equipment is far cheaper than mainframe computing equipment, a customer who cannot otherwise justify the cost of mainframe computers can otherwise gain the advantages of “supercomputing” operations through use of UNIX-based equipment.

72.  One or more of the different versions of UNIX-based operating systems sold by Sun, IBM, SCO, SGI, and others, is the operating system of choice for large enterprise computing operations in virtually 100% of the Fortune 1000 companies. 

73.  UNIX gained this prominence in the computing marketplace because of twenty years of development and over one billion dollars invested by plaintiff and its predecessors to create a stable, reliable operating system to perform the mission critical work required by large enterprises.

74.  The recent rise of the global technology economy has been powered in large part by UNIX.  Virtually every mission critical financial application in the world is powered by UNIX, including electronic transfers of funds.  Real time stock trades are powered by UNIX.  Inventory controls and distributions are powered by UNIX.  All major power grids and all major telecommunications systems are powered by UNIX.  Many satellite control and defense control systems are powered by UNIX.  Virtually every large corporation in the world currently operates part or all of its information technology systems on a UNIX operating system. 

75.  Based on its value in the marketplace, UNIX has become the most widely used and widely accepted operating system for enterprise, institutional and manufacturing applications throughout the world.